Autumn detox apple juice and ginger drink that strengthens immunity


Here exclusively your Health Crew reveals to you the recipe for a refreshing autumn detox elixir of apples, ginger, chia seeds, limes and mint. Try this delicious smoothie which is great for strengthening immunity before winter and at the same time cleaning your body from toxins.


Ecological apple juice (as a base)

2 teaspoons of chia seeds (soak in apple juice and leave for 10 minutes)

Ginger juice (instead of using fresh ginger and honey)

1 lime apple (Pink Lady)

Brown sugar from organic breeding

Mint leaflets

Method of preparation:

First insert some peeled and sliced ​​apples and lime into the blender. Ecological apple juice is used as a base. Add a special time-saving supplement – a ginger-based syrup that gives a particularly gentle smell of aroma. Optionally If you want, you can add some brown sugar. Add the Chia seeds at the end and do not blend them long enough not to destroy their structure. Pour it up and enjoy!

source: Autumn detox apple juice and ginger drink that strengthens immunity

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