This is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 2 Eggs a Day. I Would Have Never Believed No. 4

People have always had a bad opinion about eggs considering their high cholesterol levels. It was even believed that eating eggs ( containing high cholesterol levels ) can be harmful to your health. Which of course turned out to be a complete misconception.  On the contrary eggs can be considered as one of the most ideal foods for improving our health. Moreover, they contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and their usage can be improvised as well.

Whether you would like to keep fit or you would like a health boost, doctors advise us to 2 to 3 eggs per day. Below we have the list containing the positive effects of eating just 2 eggs each day

Reduce the Chance of Cardiovascular Diseases

Eggs contain more or less up to 40 grams of HDL, which is considered a good cholesterol that moreover can prevent various cardiovascular diseases. Doctors were wrong when they thought eggs raise the cholesterol levels in our blood. Later on, they proved that our body cholesterol levels are controlled only by itself and most of the cholesterol is created by the body as well.

Furthermore, there is a prove supporting the above-mentioned theses by a research conducted at Biomedical Center of Louisiana. 152 fairly overweight people had been divided in 3 groups. One of the groups were tested to eat nothing for 3 days, the second group only had a slice of bread and the third just ate 2 eggs a day. The results blew everyone’s mind away! The winner group was the Egg eating one, with losing over 75% more weight and 36% more belly fat than the other groups! No changes had been found in their cholesterol levels as well.

Reduce the Number of Birth Defects

Pregnant women are recommended to take Folic Acid known under Vitamin B9 as it really helps in reducing the risk of birth defects as it regulates the embryo system damage. Eggs are one of the very few foods that contain 0.7 mcg. Of Vitamin B9. Take advantage of them and eat 2 to 3 eggs a day containing Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) each day.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Have you ever been interested in lowering your chances of developing breast cancer up to 18%?  According to ‘Breast Cancer Research’ journal, eating 2 eggs a day is the real life saver when it comes to Breast Cancer prevention. They contain high levels of Amino Acids, vitamins and Minerals that will tend to stabilize your estrogen levels, which can be found as the major problems causing breast cancer.

Protect the Brain

Choline is a small but yet very effective neurotransmitter whose job is to send various stimuli to the nervous system and the human brain. A possible lack of choline can leave unwanted effects on the brain memory and brain functionality as well which can be prevented by regularly consuming eggs. Eggs contain high levels of choline.

Improve your eyesight

Containing a high amount of vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin eggs are the perfect food for our eyesight. Vitamin A is essential for your vision furthermore it helps for seeing in the dark as well. On the other hand, lutein and zeaxanthin are two powerful antioxidants that can reduce the chance of radical damage and boost your eyesight, while preventing numerous vision problems.

Slow down the aging process
According to a study from Germany, regularly eating eggs can stop the aging process and prevent skin cancer as well. Eggs contain organic pigments such as carotenoids which can slow down aging. However, in order to fully benefit from them, you need to eat the eggs boiled since they contain more carotenoids this way due to the chemical changes generated when the eggs are cooked.

Support the liver, Skin and hair
Egg yolk contains protein and sulfur which can revitalize your dull and weak hair and improve the quality of your skin. They also contain lecithin, a substance that assists the liver in the detoxification process and improves digestion.

Help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight, you should stay away from foods with low glycemic index and eat more eggs. Eggs can satisfy your cravings fast and help you eat less, resulting in more weight loss.

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Keep the bones healthy
Eggs are rich in vitamin D and calcium, two important nutrients for the bones and teeth. According to studies, calcium and protein work together to maintain the calcium levels and keep the metabolic processes in the bones steady. Eggs also contain vitamin D, an important vitamin we mostly get through the sun and is vital for numerous processes in the body.

As you can see, eggs are incredibly healthy and won’t harm your health like it was previously thought. They are rich in numerous essential nutrients which will regulate different body processes and improve your overall health as well. This is why experts recommend eating 2-3 eggs a day, except in the cases of diabetes or heart problems, when you should eat only 3 eggs a week.

2 eggs a day

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