Summer smoothie from mint and strawberry tea

Smooth fast, healthy and refreshing fruity Smoothie for hot days!
We finally have strawberries available! At every step, red, juicy, sweet and homemade, they invite us to eat them ready from the basket or to make some fruity delicacies. What’s Better Than Seasonal, Healthy Fruit? Use them while we have them!

One of the recommendations I have is this smoothie with mint tea. Mint refreshes, thirst quenches, calms and works favorably on the digestive system. Strawberries also have healing effects: cleaning the organism, boost immunity, relieve inflammation and help with anemia. All in all, this smoothie glass is full of health and sweetness!

You can use fresh mint leaflets instead of tea. For this amount, five leaflets would be enough that you simply insert into the blender along with all the ingredients. You do not need to cook them like tea.

Summer Smoothie with tea from mint and strawberries ingredients:

300 ml of water
1 mint tea bags or 5 leaves fresh mint
200 g strawberries
(optional) if desired 1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup
1 teaspoon of lemon juice


Boil the mint tea and pour it into a glass to cool. Then place tea and all other ingredients in a blender or mix with a mixer until you get a smooth mass. Pour into a glass, put in a straw and enjoy!

source: Summer smoothie from mint and strawberry tea

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